Fun Hair Colors – how to change up your look and keep your hair healthy!

Most people love to switch up their look every once in a while, but keeping hair healthy through these fun changes can be tricky. There are a few great hair color brands that I’ve found that allow you to switch up your look while avoiding that “hay” feeling of damaged hair.

  1. L’Oreal Colorista Spray

This is definitely the best option if you’re looking for a one day color. This product sprays on and then washes out when you shower. L’Oreal has tons of colors in this spray, and it doesn’t damage your hair at all!

  • TIP: These colors can get messy! Apply the spray outside or somewhere you can easily clean.

2. Arctic Fox Hair Color

Arctic Fox is great if you want color for a few weeks! Their semi-permanent colors wash out in about 28 days and leave your hair feeling good. They also fade really nicely, especially when the hair underneath is bleached!

3. Viral Color Wash

Viral color washes are another great option if you want a temporary hair color. These last for about 28 days in my experience, similar to Arctic Fox. Viral has a ton of colors in this product, and it’s basically just shampoo. You wash your hair with it in the shower, and it’s colored in the process. This is definitely the least messy of the three! Similar to the others, this product is nice on the hair and doesn’t cause damage.

With any hair color process, whether its with a one-day color, a shampoo, or a semi-permanent dye, its great to use Olaplex after coloring. Olaplex is a bond restorer that can be bought at Sephora or online. It’s about $30, but is honestly worth every penny. It works magic, I promise!

Feel free to contact me on the contact page or DM me on Instagram (@michealaxanne) for more tips (:

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