7 Thrifting Tips

It’s only right to dedicate a blog to the most frequently asked question I get on my Instagram account…

“Where do you find your vintage pieces?”

The majority of my wardrobe is thrifted, so I’ve spent a lot of time in my local thrift shops, as well as thrift shops wherever I travel. Over this time I’ve developed some little tips for finding the pieces of your dreams.

  1. Take your time. The one thing I can’t emphasize enough when looking for gems at the thrift store is that it won’t take five minutes. I generally spend around 1-2 hours at the thrift store when I’m browsing.
  2. Look at more than “your size”. The worst thing you can do at the thrift store is only look at “your size”. I am generally a women’s size 2 or 4, but I routinely find clothes in the size 10 and 12 sections because sizing changes over time (and clothes from thrift stores can be from any era). It’s fine to start at your size, but always check out sections that have larger and smaller sizes too, because you never know what you’ll find or what will fit.
  3. Browse in both the men’s and women’s sections. Whether you generally shop in “men’s” or “women’s”, check out the other section. There have been many times where I’ve found “masculine” clothing in the women’s section and more “feminine” clothing in the men’s. The men’s jeans section is also a great place to find jeans for anyone!
  4. Keep your eyes out for fun patterns and colors. One thing that really helps me find gems is scoping out dope patterns or colors. Two of my favorite patterns are gingham and paisley, so I keep my eyes out for these whenever I hit up the thrift store.
  5. Look in the glasses section! I get a lot of questions about my frames. No, they aren’t usually $200 frames from your local optometrist. They’re mostly thrifted! I check the glasses section almost every time I stop by the thrift shops and am usually able to find at least one pair of cool vintage frames for under $3.
  6. Check out the fabric section. A lot of people sleep on the fabric section at thrift stores. Whether you sew or not, fun patterned fabrics can be used for just about anything – headband, belt, clothes, etc. Play around with it!
  7. Find out when your local thrift store has deals. Prices already a lot better than if you were to shop at your local mall, but who doesn’t love a deal on top of a deal? Whenever I go on days when there are deals, I’m more likely to buy more (because its cheaper of course). Waiting to hit the thrift store until a deal pops up might entice you to buy more and create more looks.


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